Top 5 Programming language to get the Job in IT industry in 2021

Top 5 Programming language to get the job in the IT industry

If you want a job in the IT industry then this blog is very important for you. If you want to become a software developer then the first thing you should know is how to code and here’s the best part even if your educational background is not led to computer science then you can still learn how to code. it would be a little challenging. So her is Top 5 Programming language to get the job in the IT industry.

We going to tell you how you can start. today’s blog is all about the top 5 programming languages to get a job in the IT industry and tips to help you crack any coding interview.

By listing each of these top five programming languages we are also going to understand where that language is used and how much time will you take to learn it so on.

5. C# (C-Sharp)

C# language is developed by Microsoft and is used for everything from windows applications, website development, web apps to game development in India. A lot of service-based companies like Infosys, TCS use C# as a part of an enterprise solution for their clients. So, if you’re looking to get selected in one of these companies then knowing c-sharp helps.

How easy is it to learn C# – if you’re a beginner it might take two to three months but if you’re already familiar with Java or C++ then C# can be pretty simple.

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4. Java

You can love it or hate it but Java is the most common programming language used around the world by both service-based companies and Prolog-based companies. it is used to build Android apps, games, web apps.

You should never be stopped by just learning the basics of Java. keep adding some frameworks to your skillsets like Spring, Hibernate, or even the latest Google juice and if you’re looking to enter the Big Data space then learning frameworks like Apache Spark and Hadoop helps the best.

The best part about Java is that it has great community support which means if you’re a beginner then you will find a lot of help online.

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3. Python

Python is started as a scripting language but now it is used for nearly everything like web development, game development, computer vision. you can use Python for data science for machine learning.

The Biggest and Most Popular company uses python. Netflix telling you what to watch next that is Python, Amazon recommending you what to buy that will do Python.

These days in many engineering colleges in India python is thought that’s like a first language which is both a good thing and a bad thing. good because the more people learn a language bigger the community gets. bad because more people know the language bigger the competition is either way.

python is pretty easy to learn but if you want to have an edge in the job market then along with python learn various machine learning frameworks as well like TensorFlow, sci-kit learn, natural language toolkit, etc. 

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2. Javascript 

javascript is used to make web pages dynamic so instead of having static web pages that just sit there and do nothing. javascript makes a web page react to user actions such as ask questions to visitors, your Facebook Timeline updates on your screen, or Google Suggest keywords when you type a few letters into your search bar that is JavaScript in action. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg the modern one-page email application is built using angular and other Javascript frameworks. so, javascript in itself is pretty easy to learn but also learn a front-end framework like angular, react and backend framework like node.js and Express.

when you become a full-stack JavaScript developer then you can really upgrade your salary and if you’re new to JavaScript you might want to start with learning typescript which is a syntactical superset of JavaScript and has been designed to develop large applications.

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1. Dart

According to a Git-hub report, Dart is the fastest growing language with a whopping 532%. Dart and flutter go hand in hand and both are developed by Google.

Flutter is a mobile app SDK(Software Development Kit) and what makes it so desirable is that it allows you to write an app in a single codebase and compile it to both Android and iOS and that is the programming language used to develop complex apps. It is very easy to learn and programmers who are already familiar with Java, JavaScript, C# can start programming in that almost immediately so if you’re up for it go learn dart and flutter because even though it’s relatively new it has already been adopted by Alibaba, Google ads and currently a lot of startups are looking for flutter developers.

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Google Most Asked Questions

  1. Which is the No 1 programming language?

    Python is the most popular and used programming language. As it is easy to learn and through it we can create complex apps and software as well. here is the list of the most popular programming languages.

    1. Python 31.35 %
    2. Java 22.16 %
    3 JavaScript 9.87 %
    4 C/C++ 8.12 %
    5 C# 6.67 %

  2. Is Dart better than JavaScript?

    Yes, Dart is better than JavaScript. It is twice as fast as JavaScript. It is very scalable across complex and scalable projects as well. If you know JavaScript then learning Dart is very simple.

  3. Does Python need math?

    If you are building a simple dynamic website then you didn't require maths but if you are the main project on AI(Artificial Intelligent) then you need Statistic and interpretation maths knowledge.

So, those are the Top 5 Programming language to get the job in the IT industry. Check out our life hack articles here.