Things you have to do in your Early 20 | how to become happy.

How to become successful in your 20’s | Things you have to do in your Early 20

A lot of you reading this blog right now are in your 20’s and thought about how to make most of it, how to become successful. So, sharing a list for you guys that you should be doing in your 20’s and if you’re already in your 20’s and you’re not doing these things. It’s time to step up and get these things in order. so that you can live your best life. 

Are you ready, let’s go –

1. Follow your hobby 

The first thing you need by the time you’re 20 is to follow a special hobby. A hobby is anything that you enjoy doing for fun, but there’s always a special hobby, and that’s different. That hobby can actually turn into a career at some point in your life.

Like let’s say here for a moment that you are a great photographer, it’s a hobby; you click for fun, but you’re amazing on it. Well, how far can you actually take that hobby; you can be a great photographer at some point in life.

It’s something that you should try to develop and this goes for any sports, any arts and crafts like painting, or even playing video games right so many gamers started out playing video games as a hobby, and then it turned into a business.

You should have one or two special hobbies that you can really pursue as a career. Go for hobbies that project to careers, so start thinking about those right away. 

2. Saving is important 

The next thing you should have by the time you’re 20 is savings, not a lot, no need. You’re still young, but enough for emergencies. You know that like especially nowadays look at what’s happening in the world markets are crashing businesses are failing, and this is something that you’ve never really experienced before as an adult.

This hits different because, at the time of the ’20s, you’ve started becoming self-dependent in terms of finance, you’ve become your own man. You have to take care of your own finances, as you guys get older, you know in your 20s and maybe 30s 40s, you need to be ready, you need to have your savings on point.

You have enough money to make sure that you can live for a little bit longer, without getting paid and you know that’s tough, but you need to prioritize and what that means is you know not to get the super nice car right away, save some money so that if anything happens, then you know that at least you’re good for a little while longer so start saving right away. Be Smart with your finances.

3. Appearance 

Next up on today’s list is taking care of your personal appearance. Looking clean and good is very important. The way that you present yourself, you should wear clothes that make you look presentable. they don’t need to be expensive or from high-end brands but clothes that fit you well, that are clean, and that is a good representation of one who you want to be.

Then, of course, comes grooming. you know that you have to take care of your body’s appearance, we are talking about taking showers, shaving, getting a haircut done whenever possible.

4. Investing in your health 

Number four on today’s list is a huge one. Talking about investing in your health, as you have one body. You have to take care of that body; you got to keep it forever. 

You guys know that you should workout or do yoga or play games, that makes your body more attractive and eventually you feel good and healthy. You should work out pretty much every single day until you were tired. 

Things you have to do in your Early 20 | how to become happy.

You have to try to eat healthy because you know the power of good nutrition, you’re gonna have more energy. Your skin is gonna look better, your hair is gonna look better, and you’re gonna feel incredible. So, try eating healthy, try working out, if you’re in your 20s, don’t be drinking every single night, take it, easy guys.

People are stressed out, people are frustrated particularly with the alcohol, instead of doing that, let’s make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients, all the vitamins into your body. So that you’re healthy especially right now you have to make sure that your immune system is upon the level, it needs to be perfect right now.

5. Learn the basics 

Number five on the list is maybe less important than keeping your body super healthy but learning basics is important for survival, it’s gonna come up, it’s gonna happen and you should know how to do this.

For example – talking about knowing how to change a car tire. Look, if you get a flat tire. And you have an amazing girl next to you. It could be embarrassing if you don’t know how to change that tire. All right, trust me it’s gonna be a little weird if she’s like – Whoa man, you should know how to do that and you’re like, I don’t really know how to do that. 

Learn today, that makes you one step forward towards a mature guy. It could be so embarrassing for you.

Ask your parents, friends, and family to teach you and just practice it, but know how to change a tire. It’s a simple skill that every man should know.

6. Don’t be fear of rejections 

Number six on this list, by the time you’re 20, you have been rejected maybe once or several times, but don’t worry it’s happened with everyone because rejection is a great lesson.

Being afraid of rejection means that you’re not going to try, you’re not going to leave your comfort zone because you’re afraid that you might get rejected. 

So you’re going to push back and say – you know what, I’m not going to talk to that girl because she’s probably going to say No and I don’t really like No. that is a bad mindset. you need to be okay with the word No realistically. when you go talk to girls, a lot of them are going to say no. realistically when you apply for jobs, a lot of them are going to say No!! be okay with that and fight hardest to get that Yes.


So it’s okay, don’t be scared of being rejected it happens to everyone. It happens to athletes, it happens to celebrities, it doesn’t matter. You’re gonna get rejected, that’s just life, so don’t worry about it too much and fight harder to get that yes that you’ve been looking for. 

7. How to become successful- Enjoy every moment of life 

Number seven that you actually think and it is very important, getting closer to your family. Teenage years are tough; everyone knows there are a lot of hormonal changes that happened in you.

Things you have to do in your Early 20 | how to become happy.

Now when the teen years are over and you kind of look back and you’re like Woah!! That was a little bit cringe; maybe you’ve shouldn’t have said that. I was maybe being a little bit rebellious. Well, now it’s time to get closer to your family. Call them your mom, your dad your siblings your cousins, aunts, uncles, plan things together, go out for dinner, go out for drinks.

So by the time you’re 20 that should be one of your biggest goals.

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