T-Shirts hacks that make you look sexy.

T-Shirts hacks that make you look sexy.

Today’s article is about the top nine tricks and hacks when it comes to wearing t-shirts, your ultimate t-shirt fashion guide. You can go from local average to looking absolutely sexy if you follow the rule. 

This is the T-shirt one on one article that can make you look sexy. 

1. Dress according to your age 

Tip number one, you’ve got to understand the T-shirt maturity scale on the scale. We’ve got young on one side and mature on the other side. Ideally, you have to dress according to your age. So, if you’re still in college you can afford the dress slightly more casual. But if you’re above the age of 22, you have to dress slightly higher up on the scale that will make you look slightly mature.

So what makes you look younger or older in T-shirts?

It’s basically two primary factors. Firstly, whether the T-shirt has got a pattern, or whether it’s plain, or the other factor is whether the T-shirt is bright and colorful, or it’s dark or white in color.

(i) Darker, white colors make you look more mature.

(ii) Bright and colorful with a lot of patterns, makes you look slightly younger. 

A bright color t-shirt that has a lot of patterns will make you look very young and a plain t-shirt will make you look a lot more mature. So, the ground rule if you’re above the age of 22, it’s alright to dress higher look a little bit older. But, if you are still in college then you can afford to look a little bit younger with bright colors as well as in graphics and patterns t-shirt.

2. Graphics T-shirt 

You all wear graphics T-shirts. There are a few rules you need to follow. The rule of the book is that ideally, you have to go for a two-color maximum one base color of your T-shirt, and then with one simple color on your graph. Always only meant to bring out the pattern as well as the natural base color of the T-shirt.

A huge mistake that a lot of Indian guys make with their t-shirts, is that they choose big patterns with very ugly color combinations and have many colors on a t-shirt. 

3. Logo T-shirts 

Tip number three, talking about the logo that automatically draws all your attention towards it, because it creates a contrast in the viewer’s eyes.

No logo t-shirts not might be the big deal for you. but, it is a big deal for the kind of society we live in. A lot of people judge you based on the clothes you’re wearing, and even worse is that a lot of people judge you based on the brand that you’re wearing. 

If you’re wearing and flaunting a slightly budget-friendly brand then people gonna judge you by the brand you’re wearing measuring up your standards and stuff and on the other end if you’re wearing a slightly higher-end brand and flaunting it, people think are – what a show-off. For this reason, avoid wearing t-shirts with logos on them, but also avoid logos primarily because T-shirts just look good without a logo.

4. Size is important 

Tip number four, talking about how to select the perfect fit. But before we get into the breakdown of selecting a perfect fit, the ground rule for looking great in a T-shirt is actually you don’t need to be a bodybuilder. you just got to have above-average arms and an above-average chest and back. Supposedly try focusing on building a good fit body.

But now let’s talk about the ground rules when it comes to selecting the perfect fit. The first rule – the T-shirt shouldn’t be too short. When you lift your hands up your T-shirt shouldn’t expose your waist or stomach. Your t-shirt should be long enough to cover up all your skin, so the T-shirt you need to select is something that ends in the middle of your groin region. 

5. Sleeves length 

Next, we’ll be talking about sleeve length, ideally go for short and tight sleeves, if you’ve got a slightly longer t-shirt get it tailored to make your sleeves tighter and shorter.

Also, keep in mind you don’t go for too short sleeves length that will make you look like you’re desperate for attention. your t-shirt has that much sleeve length that covers 2/5th of your biceps. Wearing a short sleeves t-shirts make you look more eagerly to show your body.

And also keep in mind never wear so tight t-shirts that your nipples can be seen through the T-shirt.

6. Spending on a T-shirt 

We’re talking about money when it comes to building the perfect wardrobe. It’s not about spending a lot of money on it. It’s about buying a few classic pieces.

Well, the first color of the t-shirt in your wardrobe is a black crew neck t-shirt something that every guy needs to own because it’s the most versatile piece of clothing in the world. You can even wear it to some formal events you can pair it with jackets, or you can just wear it by itself with a pair of jeans and with white sneakers.

The second piece of clothing we’re talking about is a white crew-neck t-shirt for the same reasons, why because it’s very different; we can pair a white t-shirt with a lot of jackets, as it makes your sexiness level up on the scale and once again it’s one of those classic pieces you will have. 

Next, we’re talking about the second layer of colors for your wardrobe. We’re about olive green and deep blue and maroon, why these three colors because once again, the most versatile colors you can pair up easily and the trendy colors of all time.

7. Do’s And Don’ts 

Point number seven, what kind of puts away Do you select when it comes to your T-shirts. 


Rule number one – absolutely no formal shoes, if you’re wearing your T-shirt, you cannot pair it with formal shoes that you wear in your office, your T-shirt is on one end of that spectrum, it’s the most casual piece of dressing and formal shoes obviously the most formal piece of dressing. 

You can pair the T-shirt with boots and loafers; they can make your style statement broader and make you look super sexy. If you want to avoid boots and loafers, the best kind of footwear to pair with your T-shirts are either sneakers or flip-flops footwear that go absolutely beautiful.

8. Selection of watch with the T-shirt 

Rule number eight, no metallic watches these watches are made for formal occasions and so pull these off; instead, you can go for leather strapped watches, and obviously, you’ve got to go with a Black or Brown color strap watch. That kind of watch elevates your T-shirt look. 

The great thing about watches is that they can set a tone for the rest of your outfit. A leather strapped watch was slightly semi-formal as it goes well with t-shirts. also, you can go with smart watches as well they are in fashion right now.

9. When you can wear a T-shirt 

Tip number nine, you’ve got to know where to wear your T-shirt that is situational dressing. when it comes to T-shirts, you can wear t-shirts for any kind of casual occasion, if you’re just going out for a lunch date or if you’re going out to meet someone if you’re going for a jog something like that in the outdoors.

Also, any form of occasions like a date, your office, or a corporate environment party. You still want to give out a slightly more work vibe in all those situations you have to go for a slightly more formal look like think of a polo t-shirt. 

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