Ultimate Tinder Guide - How to get girls on tinder

Ultimate Tinder Guide – How to get girls on tinder | online dating pro

When it comes to the world of online dating, We’re going to tell you about How to get girls on tinder and become online dating pro. If you’re not getting numbers or dates lined up, then you’re doing something wrong. It’s all about using the right techniques that will get you the results that you’re looking for. So, if you want to work on your game, today’s article is for you.

So without wasting any more time let’s get into the world of practical instructions. 

How to improve the number of matches you get on Tinder? 

How to make sure that those matches turn into real-life dates? 

How to make sure that those real-life dates turn into potential relationships? 

It can be broken down into a few points which are as follow.

Let’s start with the basics 

The game starts with creating a profile something that a lot of guys take for granted; this is how most bros approach – creating a profile by putting up unusual things and bad pictures. Most of the guys don’t give enough importance to the profiles without understanding that it’s your first impression. This is the factor on which girls swipe on Tinder.

What did girls want?

Girls are like… Huh, let me see his profile. This is where the game is won or lost for most of the guys, primarily because men and women are built differently, and most guys don’t understand that men are very visually driven, they see a hot girl they swipe right they accepted girls only care about their looks.

But for girls, the game gets a little bit different. Girls aren’t as visually driven as guys, just a good profile picture isn’t enough. It’s the primary requirement, but then they go deeper i.e. – your bio, your way of caring for yourself, etc.

let’s explain that using some do and don’t.

(a) Firstly, no selfies, that’s a rule of life. Guys don’t take a lot of selfies, if you take a lot of selfies that kind of portrays the image that you’re very self-obsessed, and you want some kind of validation, which is a big turn-off for ladies.

(b) Second don’t go with shirtless photos. you feel like you’ve earned your body in the gym and that body deserves to be flaunted. That’s the intention you’re going with, but girls look at it as shirtless. God so wannabe!!!!

(c) Point number three your first picture should never be a photo of you in a group or you with your best friend. The girl who’s swiping should know who they swiping for.

(d) And finally, don’t. No abstract, no quotes. A picture of yourself having a visible face is perfect.

Profile Picture

The first duty is that the first picture on your profile as I said earlier, should have your face, it should be completely visible, it should be from the front angle, and most importantly, don’t take this for granted, you should be smiling in the photo.

Ultimate Tinder Guide - How to get girls on tinder

 The most attractive thing in a human being is his/her smile. All human beings are attracted towards it, they see something like happiness, positivity and that’s what they’re drawn from your first picture. It should signal – happiness and positivity. But most importantly, try exposing your entire face. No side profile pictures because they hide your actual looks and also try to avoid goggles.

You need to expose your entire face you need to show the girls – This is my face. This is what you’re getting into, remember just the fact that you’re exposing the front of your face is a sign of confidence and that’s something that girls find very attractive. So that’s the basic requirement if you want a stellar profile picture.


Number two is making sure that your bio is different from all the other guys. Every guy has the same bio on the dating app – I’m this tall, I’m from this place, I do this, I do that, etc. change it up, add something funny. Don’t be afraid to write way more than most guys do. the more time she spends reading your bio going over what you like, the more chances you have of actually talking to her. Make yourself sound interesting, talk about what you’re looking for.

Body Language

Science says two very important things. Women are attracted to open body language, and women are attracted to the color black for some reason, there’s no particular reason for these things but there are studies that back these claims.

So your first picture should have of yourself demonstrating open body language. there’s something with open body language where arms are kind of out freely, and you should be wearing black, that’s perfect.

Sending Message

When you have all those matches, right? It’s time to get to the first message you’re sending out is Hey, what’s up or hi beautiful, your chances will drop to almost zero you need to come up with a banger message, just to get her to look at your message.

So, why is your Hey, what’s up message going to stand out? Guys, you need to step it up. You know, if you want to attract the top 1% of women on dating apps, you got to be different. You can’t be settling with normal. Be funny, Be different. That is the most important thing.

Just got her number

Another thing on today’s list is getting her off from the dating app as soon as possible. Look, you’re just another guy on Tinder or any other dating app; always look to get her Instagram or phone number.

Now you’re not just another guy messaging her on Tinder. Everyone probably turns off the notifications of dating apps, and who wants to see the Tinder notification on their phone. So get her number, get her Instagram because once you start texting her or call her, you’re now in her inner circle. It’s a lot different.

You’re not just like any other guy on Tinder or any other dating app. So as soon as you feel like it’s the right time, ask her for the number, ask her for her Instagram and start talking to her there.

Beautify your Instagram feed

Once you get her Instagram or text and now that you have her Instagram, she has your Instagram, you have to remember one thing right.

Usually, the first thing that girls do when they are on dating apps is either see more of your photos on Instagram or you might have it linked already and synchronize to your Tinder, your Instagram is your dating profile. And you have to see it that way.

Every girl is going to stalk you on it before they hang out with you. So, this is what I recommend for you to look good on Instagram and make sure that girls are looking at you and be like – oh, this guy looks awesome. This is a good profile.

(a) First of all, you don’t need a ton of photos. You don’t need hundreds of photos.

(b) Second, you don’t need all professional photos, but this is what recommend. The first six photos on your Instagram need to be of good quality. Not saying they need to be in a professional camera, but you need to look charming in that.

Rest of the pictures

Let’s talk about the next thing after you’re done with your basic profile picture what do you do, you need to work on the rest of your pictures but approach it from not just a visual angle, you need to remember that women aren’t as concerned with looks as you think.

But they are concerned with personality and hobbies and who you are as a person; a beard, a casual picture of you in the gym, it will go a long way in portraying that you have an interest or hobby or passion, and also might help you start a conversation. Remember women are attracted to guys who have some kind of passion and to your pictures you just want to show that.

Add an element to your picture

Next, we’re talking about one of the biggest life hacks to put up some charm in your picture is dogs and babies, by putting up a picture of yourself with either a dog or pet.

Ultimate Tinder Guide - How to get girls on tinder

The other option for you is putting up a picture of yourself with a baby. There’s nothing more attractive for a woman than a guy who loves kids. So if you’re with a dog or if you’re with a baby it kind of shows that you’re a caring guy, and that’s what girls find very attractive and that’s what might get you swipe right.

Being well-groomed

The next thing is a little bit obvious but it’s very important in your pictures to try kind of portraying your sense of style and fashion. The girl needs to know your fashion sense because sometimes style speaks a little bit more about your personality than you think.

Don’t use short forms

Next don’t write using short forms that show a lack of maturity and a lack of class, which are the two biggest turn-offs when it comes to talking with someone special.

Don’t Show Off

Next don’t praise yourself and don’t talk about money or politics or religion in your bio or in between the conversation, doing this will turn you off in front of any girl.

Portray your hobbies/passion

In your bio, once you have to mention your passion, it doesn’t matter what that thing is. It can be fitness or art or photography etc. it can be anything you can be passionate about any hobby in the world. You know the term masala film in Bollywood. You want to be a masala film of real life.

Sense of humor

The most important though is that you want to add a feel of a good factor in her. Now whether this comes out through a sense of humor in your texting or some kind of just overall feel-good vibe like I love hanging out with people, I love being social. something that just signals a very feel-good thing to the girl. That’s a big deal and that’s something that can take your profile game to the next level.

Good Conversations

But now let’s move on to the next point. Most girls won’t start a conversation on Tinder and it’s your job to start and that’s what they expect. So how do you do this?

Firstly, if you get a match immediately then try sending a message if you’re interested in that particular match, make sure that you reply on time. If you’re too busy just tell her or primarily you should start the conversation when you have enough time to talk with her. 

How do you start a conversation? Don’t be that guy who starts a conversation with Hey, or hi or hello on a note, because every other guy on her list is doing the same thing. If you want to make a mark, you’ve got to start with some kind of conversation starter.



Don’t compliment her on her looks. Even if she’s the prettiest girl you’ve seen in your life. She’s probably heard that a lot. She’s probably had a lot of guys on Tinder telling her that. But most importantly, it puts the girl on a pedestal.

Girls really respect guys who treat them as equals. So be that person who compliments on something that isn’t on looks only. Go into her bio and hunt out for topics that you can speak about – Find an icebreaker topic to talk about and compliment her.

So the conversation can go something like – hey that’s a gorgeous dress or gorgeous stuff, start with a compliment; she’ll say thank you, and if she’s smart enough she will also reply with something expandable because even she wants to carry the conversation forward.

If she just replies in one word like just – Thank you. Try finding something else to start talking about. You want her to reach a point where she replies with something longer than one word. If she replies with a sentence she’s actually pointing you in a direction she wants to talk about that particular topic go with her in that direction.

Three important facts you should know about online dating.

(i) Firstly it’s the world’s latest billion-dollar industry and the app that’s at the forefront is Tinder, the leader in the space.

(ii) Secondly, very interestingly one-third of all marriages that are happening in the USA right now, start with online dating, and most probably that trend is going to trickle down to the rest of the world.

(iii) The third and final point you need to know when it comes to online dating but especially Tinder, It’s a game that you can learn and get better at just like any other life skill.

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