15 mistakes that ruins your hair | Hair care routine for men

Haircare routine for men -15 mistakes that ruin your hair

15 daily habits that are ruining the quality of your hair. you know that at some point in your life you’re going to go bald. So while your hair is still on your head, it’s your job to keep it in its peak condition.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the hair care routine. what should you do and what shouldn’t. These are the top 15 tips.

1. Shampoo

We got to talk about using Shampoo. Keep in mind something called sodium laurel sulfate, it’s the most commonly used chemical while making most of the shampoos. that kind of chemical is slightly harsh on your hair and it works fantastic in anti-dandruff shampoos. you need sodium laurel sulfate on your hair about once a week.

so only use an anti-dandruff shampoo once a week but for every other time use a slightly milder chemical-free shampoo, as it did not affect your hairs and makes them shiny and flossy.

2. Hair Products

Everyone is a fan of hair products but at the end of the day, if you’re putting it into your head on daily basis it’s harmful, you can use it once in a while, and maybe if you’re going to a party or some important occasions. But at the end of the day, it’s a chemical. After using it, make sure you wash it off correctly, wash it off with water first apply a little bit of oil, and then shampoo your hair.

hair products for men

Once you shampoo the hair proceed to conditioning your hair. Just make sure that this entire hair product has come off your head through the process of washing it. Remember if you use hair products too much too often, it will cause hair loss.

3. Sun Exposure

The sun is good for your skin and your hair as it gives you vitamin D. But it affects you as well. Why because the sun is not full of good stuff but it also contains UV rays, and those UV rays fall on your scalp and destroy the epithelial cells which actually help in hair growth.

So ideally if you really care about the health of your hair, avoid this kind of harsh sunlight for longer periods of time.

4. Sweating

Sweat is a mixture of water, as well as your body’s natural salts and proteins, the water might dry up, but the salts and proteins kind of crust up on your scalp on your hair, and that makes your scalp dry.

That’s why every time you had an intense gym session every time you sweat a lot. Try washing it off and also keep in mind, if you ever swim; immediately after that, wash your head with normal water. because swimming pool water contains an excess amount of chlorine in it, which can damage your hair.

5. Pollution

When talking about pollution something you can’t really avoid because most of us live in cities. Now what you can adopt in your hair care routine is that instead of choosing heavy hair products like gels or whitening that catches pollution and affects the health of your hair. You can go for slightly lighter hair products like serums, or even better think organic hair creams something made using natural ingredients that you can use every single day without worrying about the kind of effect it has on your hair.

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6. Take a Break

As important as it is to wash your hair with shampoo. often, it’s equally as important to give your hair a break, maybe take a day once in a while, or maybe two days in a row where you don’t wash your hair with shampoo only wash it with water. because the life of your hair depends on the moisture present in your hair and the oil that’s secreted by your scalp and your hair. 

you have to give your hair and your scalp some time to recover. it needs to produce those oils and moisture. Hence, that’s why ideally following the hair care routine, taking a break once in a while, you don’t need to wash your hair every single day.

7. Hair dryer

We’re talking about blow-drying. A hairdryer becomes one of the essentials of today’s life. But your hair just rips out all the moisture and oils from your hair and scalp when you blow-dry your hair. If you do it daily it damages your hair very badly because the hairdryer directs heat on your hair. 

It’s not natural to put direct heat on hair follicles as it damages your scalp, it will also take off the shining of your hair as well. But you can use these when you are going to a party or special occasion, but don’t use them pretty often as it results in hair damage and hair breakage.

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8. Chemical treatments

The absolute worst thing that you can do to your own hair is put it through any kind of chemical procedure or any kind of procedure to straighten it. Why, because whenever you’re putting it through a chemical procedure like even coloring or hair dyeing your hair, it damages your hair follicles.

Don’t fall for all these chemical procedures, have your own natural hair on.

9. Diet and lifestyle

You need to avoid having a bad diet. A bad diet includes eating too much oily and processed foods. Try to eat more whole grains. You are what you eat. So, you need to consume a healthy diet, eat a more protein-rich diet like black beans, cottage cheese, eggs, whey protein, fruits, green vegetables, etc are those foods which have been definitely in your diet.

You need to avoid that bad diet. don’t eat deep-fried, extra sweet, and processed food frequently. The more you eat homemade food, the more you become healthy. That’s a huge benefit for you and your hair. 

(i) Water intake

Get your water intake done right, make sure that most of the time your urine is clear that means you’re hydrated, which means your skin and hair are in good condition. Try drinking at least 3-4 liters of water daily.

(ii) Protein intake

Focus on your protein intake, as the hair needed protein to grow and shine. also, it is useful for Muscle Mass, Immunity, and Strength and also good for your bones.

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(iii) Antioxidants

You mainly get antioxidants from veggies and fruits which are the basics for your hair care routine, Antioxidant helps to get rid-off several problems like –

• Heart problems

• Eye problems

• Memory problems

• Mood disorders

• Immune system problems

10. Give-up Stress

Alright so bad habit number ten. Don’t stress too much. honestly, stress is probably the worst thing you can do. Because you could be doing everything right with your hair like having the right products and all that but if you’re stressing a whole lot; your hair will not look as great as it can be. 

Hair care routine for men

When talking about stress and anxiety. The moment you’re stressed the moment you’re anxious, it affects the quality of your skin and the quality of your hair very badly and obviously may even cause hair loss in the long term.

Pro tip – Want to get rid of it just starts doing Meditation.

11. Stop touching your Hair frequently

Mistake number 11, get your grubby hands out off your hair. Seriously, there’s absolutely no reason for you constantly touching your hair, just set your hair once and forget it.

12. Wet hairs


Bad habit number twelve, Comb your hair roughly when it is wet, the biggest mistake most of the guys make is that they comb their wet hair which causes hair fall, so let’s avoid it just pat dry your hair with a towel, then comb it.

Also, avoid sleeping with wet hair. that’s a bad habit because when your hair is wet, it’s very fragile and when you’re sleeping, we toss around left and right, which makes hair fall more frequently, so it’s better to sleep with dry hair. Try avoiding sleeping with wet hair, a big bad habit.

13. Avoid heating stuff

The next bad habit that guys should definitely avoid is taking a shower with hot water. Remember, heat is bad for your hair’s natural oils, whether it’s like a blow dryer with hot air or heat styling tools or even hot water. You should avoid that stuff instead take a shower with cold water. You’ll receive the benefit to shower with cold water, your hair will be less frizzy and become naturally funky.

14. Dyeing your hair frequently

You should avoid dyeing your hair more frequently. if you have dark hair you have to beat your hair first to get the other color you want, it damages your hair care routine so badly. But if you do want to dye your hair, you probably apply hair masks right after to repair your hair, to strengthen your hair again.

Dyeing your hair means combining your hair with a whole bunch of chemicals in your hair. So if you want to dye your hair do it, but avoid overdoing it.

15. Not taking enough nutrients

Last but not least, it’s the most important. You are taking care of your hair externally but it remains dry and damaged because are not taking enough nutrient that nourishes your skin. As our normal daily food is not enough to get a whole lot of nutrients.

so you must have included some Biotin or Omega 3 fatty acid nutrients in your diet; To nourish your hair and makes them flossy. It can fulfill your daily nutrition dose and make your hair as well as your nails and bones strong.

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