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Grooming and personal hygiene for men | How to be stylish

Grooming and personal hygiene for men

In today’s blog, we’re talking about the top 10 Grooming and personal hygiene for men that every single classy, sexy, and stylish man needs to look like a gentleman.

1. Facewash 

 Achieving clear skin fast? You want to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening, if you wash your face too often, it could create an imbalance in the surface of the skin and make it easier for bacteria to enter your pores and your skin. it’s going to irritate your skin and make it red, and that’s not what we want.

Don’t even think about using a bar of soap to wash your face generic soap is going to dry out your skin. It almost has the opposite effect of what we’re trying to do here, so definitely stay away from it instead use proper face wash.


Alright guys, apply a generous amount to make sure that there’s enough product to wash your face, use your fingers lightly, to massage your face. Skin is sensitive whether you’re a guy or a girl. so, just take it easy. 

Keep in mind that if you work out and sweat a lot then it’s okay to wash it again just to get that sweat and dirt out, or if your face gets dirty for some reason. yes, of course, you can and should wash it right then. but try to stick to twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening before you head to bed.

My next tip for you guys is to just take your time washing your face. sometimes we’re rushing in the morning because we got to go or whatever but when you rush you usually just rub your face really hard, and that’s completely wrong. You have to just done lightly massaging your whole face and neck and then wash it using lukewarm water, you don’t want to go with too hot, because that is going to dry out your skin. And if you go with too cold. It’s not going to open up your pores it’s actually going to close them and you won’t be able to clean them. So, lukewarm water is perfect.

Use Exfoliate

You should also exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating products are a little different from face wash you can definitely feel they’re a little bit harsher; they have this gritty feel almost like sandpaper. It works really well because this will get rid of dead skin cells and reveal brand new smooth clear skin which is what we’re after. Now you’re done washing your face it’s simply exfoliating as well. 

Facewash that highly recommend – 

Exfoliate that highly recommend

2. Moisturizer 

It’s time to move on to the next step of the Grooming and personal hygiene for men which is moisturizing your skin, every dude needs to use a good quality moisturizer before they leave the house. 

You need to make sure that you are protecting your face simultaneously, providing the moisture that it needs in order to maintain proper handsomeness after the shower take a small amount of a moisturizer a bit on that super clean handsome face to yours.

Use the rosewater moisturizer at night in kind to add a glow to your skin but more importantly, it will keep your skin free of bacteria. And it’s not chemically made so it doesn’t really harm the surface of your skin.

A moisturizer that highly recommended –  

3. Acne Protection 

All right boys, once you’ve got your moisturizer in place, and especially if you’ve got acne-prone skin, you got to go for the tube name Clindamycin. It’s an antibiotic; you get it at any local chemist. The advantage of using this is that it’s a disinfectant again. when you’re just trying to get a pimple and it’s a very painful pimple.

It’s one of those things where if you touch it, it hurts. That’s the stage where you’ve got to treat the pimple; you can prevent it from becoming bigger. Always keep Clindamycin tube. It will help reduce your acne or completely get rid of it.

4. Oiling your hair 

A lot of people have begun to believe that oil is very unscientific and it didn’t help you to maintain the quality of your hair. And what you’ve got to understand is that oils are good for your hair and scalp. Your scalp is like the mud, your hair is like plants or crops and these oils are all that goodness, all that food, all that fertilizer. 

The best recommendation is that you do is that you mix up 2-3 kinds of hair oil like – Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and Almond oil. Just mix all the oils in the same proportion and store them in a bottle and massage it on your scalp gently as it increases blood circulation that makes your hair root stronger and healthier.

Pull them onto your hand, and then apply them onto your head. Make sure that you give yourself a head massage on your scalp as it increases blood circulation helps your hair grow. Remember, all of us bother that we are going to bald at some point in life. And it’s your job right now at this age that you can have all that heavy goodness.

 Hair Oil that highly recommended –

5. Hair Products 

All right, so the next men’s grooming product. when talking about your hair styling product, more specifically, we’re talking about some genuine kind of product or hair wax, and then we’re talking about your regular men’s comb and or Roll brush, like in this case, when it comes to hair products. What you need to remember is that there’s a lot of them out there and there’s a lot of cheap products.

So unless you’re buying a product that’s didn’t last long, it’s probably going to damage your hair a lot. Keep in mind that even the expensive products damage your hair a little bit but it’s always better to go for Natural or chemical-free products. because you don’t want to end up damaging your head too much.

Also when it comes to hair products, you’ve got to remember that you shouldn’t be using them more than once or twice a week. A lot of guys are in this habit of overusing the hair products, overdoing it with the hair product usage, it’s not something that you use daily.

But also keep in mind that using just a little bit of hair product for your photoshoots or for your special occasions or for your parties will take your sexiness quotient to the next level.

Hair Serum that highly recommended –

6. Odor

The next grooming item we’re talking about is all about body odor, the bigger one-off in the world, not only the girls get turned off, but every single human being that you will meet you. If you smell bad, they’re going to get turned off. So give body odor priority. Invest in a good quality perfume.

Your budget doesn’t allow you to go and buy yourself a good quality perfume but at least go and buy yourself a regular cheap general store deodorant. It’s better to smell kind of nice than smell completely terrible everywhere you go. Remember you have to give importance to body odor.

But the other kind of Odor that you have to give importance to is your mouth. Although right after body odor it’s time to get rid-off your mouth odor. Remember, you’ve got a brush twice a day, you’ve got to use mouthwash occasionally, and you can also handy with chewing gum or mints when you go out for a long day. There’s nothing worse than a terrible smelling mouth.

A perfume that highly recommended – 

7. Shaving

We’re talking about a gentleman’s shaving routine. The moment you start getting a kind of a little bit of mustache or a little bit of hair on your sideburns that you get when you’re in your teenager. The moment that little mustache starts appearing learn how to trim or shave it off. 

Grooming and personal hygiene for men

If you really want to look handsome, if you want to look well-groomed, it’s all about looking neat and anything that prevents you from looking neat, you want to get rid of it.

So let’s get to the shaving procedure. If you have a thin beard, something that’s not too rough. then just apply a little bit of shaving foam on your face, and begin your shaving process, You’ve got to get your equipment in place first; we’re talking about a shaving bowl, a good quality shaving cream, and very essential a good quality razor.

Or If you have a thick beard, something that looks good on your face, then you can just play a different style, just you need a good quality trimmer and a beard face wash to maintain it and look stylish.

A Good Quality trimmer –

8. Secondary hair 

All right next kind of grooming and personal hygiene routine thing that we’re talking about is your secondary hair. Keep in mind if you want to be known as that sexy guy, you’ve got to pay attention to the details.

Also keep in mind that a lot of girls when they’re checking out guys, they look for all these details. For example, they like your nails to be clean, unwanted hair like nose hair, and all those tricky regions based specifically your manscaping region or growing region should be trimmed or cleaned, you always trim yourself a little bit up here and a little bit down there.

9. Talcum Powder 

A lot of guys get rashes and skin irritation in the armpits and in the hair grow-in region. That can be completely avoided if you just powder your armpits and powder your hair grow-in region every single morning before you head out from home.

Bonus tip – If you go out for a party or for some special occasion and you want a shiny face in seconds, just you need a little amount of moisturizer and baby powder. First, apply moisturizer evenly on your skin and then take a small amount of baby powder rub on your hand and gently apply on your face, you got a shiny face in seconds.

10. Rashes of Skin 

The final grooming item of the day is anti-fungal creams. There’s absolutely no shame in talking about this particular grooming item because we’re all humans, we have to deal with this kind of humid weather out there.

And we all tend to get skin rashes skin irritation and a little bit of fungal infection once in a while especially if you’re someone who works out a lot if you’re someone who has an active lifestyle then you tend to sweat a lot. If you ever dealing with a skin rash or skin irritation.

then you should carry anti-fungal cream while you’re traveling. You keep them in your room during the monsoons during the summer helps even in the winter where you tend to get a little bit of dry skin and where some people tend to deal with a little bit of skin irritation.

That was the blog about the top 10 Grooming and personal hygiene for men. If you liked it, make sure you share it with your friends. Also Check out our Life Lesson series. Click Here